Actress’ Werk Discs don’t put out releases with enormous regularity, but they’re normally well worth the attention.

Since its inception ten odd years ago, Werk has served as a home for the likes of Zomby, Starkey, Nochexxx and, on repeat occasions, label regular Lukid. Following a team-up with Ninja Tune, this year has seen the imprint put out Moiré‘s highly respectable Never Sleep EP – and another newcomer is about to step up to the plate.

Helena Hauff has made her name with a regular spot at Hamburg’s Golden Pudel club, where she oversees the adventurous Birds And Other Instruments night. To date, she’s confined herself to mixtapes and podcast releases: for a primer, try the brooding, electro-heavy cassette release Obscure Object, snuck out on Blackest Ever Black’s tape-based offshoot Krokodilo Tapes.

The Actio Reactio EP will mark Hauff’s first output as a producer proper, and will feature three new tracks of electroshocked techno. For those unsure what to expect, Hauff has uploaded a pulsating a 45-minute mix onto the Werk website, available to download for the price of an email address.

Action Reactio will arrive on August 5 on 12″. [via Juno Plus]

1. Actio Reactio
2. Break Force
3. Micro Manifesto



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