Sneak a peek of Laurel Halo's home studio

The Brooklyn-based talent opens up about her production process.

Halo is the latest producer to open her studio for Resident Advisor’s Machine Love series. The in-depth interview touches on her recording process, her studio and live set-ups, and her approach to gear. It is also accompanied with some great photos of her work space.

“Building upon what small studio stuff I have, which took work and time and money… I would use a lot more plug-ins and soft synths and stuff like that, and there it required a lot more patience in regards to mapping parameters to a MIDI controller, getting in and editing envelopes in Ableton,” she says. “There was a lot of pointing and clicking. I feel that a software setup can work brilliantly for some people, it just got really frustrating for me and it’s so nice having this tactile approach now.”

Read the whole thing now over at Resident Advisor, and check out FACT’s review of Behind the Green Door, a record which Maya Kalev found to be Halo’s “most “dance music” release since 2011’s Hour Logic.”



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