James Ferraro announces new album, <em>NYC HELL 3:00 AM</em>

The Bebtune$/BODYGUARD man is back for more out-there machine music on Hippos In Tanks.

James Ferraro has spent the last decade-odd establishing himself as one of the Noughties’ great underground heroes, releasing an avalanche of experimental tape,s and a few essential official LPs to boot: 2011’s consumerist fantasia Far Side Virtual remains as unsettling a record as we’ve heard all decade.

Following on from the woozy R&B of this year’s Cold tape, the one-time Skater will drop a new album in the Autumn. NYC, HELL 3:00 AM will be Ferraro’s first full-length since last year’s straight-faced Sushi LP.

Ferraro’s Twitter describes NYC, HELL 3:00 AM as “my new album”, suggesting the record will be an official release rather than a label-sponsored mixtape a la Cold. Ferraro has also dropped a cryptic trailer for the album, featuring gnomic robo-chatter and walkie-talkie signals set to footage of the New York skyline; scroll down to watch.

NYC, HELL 3:00 AM will drop on October 15 on Hippos In Tanks. Head here to stream Ferraro’s 2012 choral mixtape No Regrets.



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