SBTRKT’s ace in the hole finally strikes out solo.

It’s mad to think that Sampha, who’s been percolating through our eardrums since appearing on a string of SBTRKT’s megahits since 2010, hasn’t even released an EP yet, but here we go – at the end of July, a six-track solo release titled Dual will appear on Young Turks.

As well as showcasing his instantly recognisable heartstring-tugger of a voice, the record is entirely produced and mixed by Sampha himself. Included on the EP is a new version of ‘Indecision’, a track that’s been floating round for a couple of years already, plus five new tracks. [via Juno Plus]

Earlier in the year Sampha collaborated with upstart producer Koreless to create a handful of tracks under the name Short Stories, and he also lent his vocals to a track on Drake’s forthcoming album, Nothing Was The Same.

Dual will be available through Young Turks on 29 July. Listen to ‘Indecision’ (in its original form) below.


01 Demons
02 Beneath The Tree
03 Without
04 Hesitant Oath
05 Indecision
06 Can’t Get Close



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