Drexciya and Dopplereffekt's Gerald Donald teams up with DJ Stingray on new NRSB-11 album, <i>Commodified</i>

Gerald Donald, a.k.a. one half of legendary techno unit Drexciya and lynchpin of several other projects including Dopplereffekt, will team up with DJ Stingray for an album as NRSB-11, titled Commodified

Donald’s career is a long and shady one: Drexciya are one of the most mythologised groups in electronic music history, while his Dopplereffekt project is perhaps best thought of as an evil Kraftwerk (for a more detailed introduction, we’d recommend checking out Mr. Beatnick’s Beginner’s Guide to Gerald Donald for FACT). DJ Stingray, meanwhile, was Drexciya’s official tour DJ and releases some of the most impressive electro around, both as his real name and under the Urban Tribe banner.

Commodified marks Donald and Stingrays second release as NRSB-11, though the two have previously collaborated on other projects, and will be released through the Belgian label WéMè, a regular home of Stingray’s, on September 9 [via Juno Plus].

More good news for Donald fans: as previously reported, a new Dopplereffekt release is also on the way through Leisure System.

Commodified tracklist:
1. Intro
2. Consumer Programming
3. Bioethics
4. Living Wage
5. Laundered
6. Market Forces
7. Offshore Banking
8. Dead Civilization
9. Globalization
10. Industrial Espionage
11. Austerity
12. Shadow Corp
13. 685-471 2 (CD Only)
14. 6231-748 3 (CD Only)
15. 685-471 1 (CD Only)



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