Chicago-based reissue label Numero Group has turned its attentions to the Forte Label.

As part of its Eccentric Soul series, which has previously included a vast boxset of 45s, Numero will release a 29-track compilation of soul and R&B from the Kansas City label, which remains relatively outside collectors’ circles.

The collection and liner notes focus on singer Marva Whitney (pictured), who was James Brown’s ‘soul sister #1’ before joining Forte to release singles like ‘I’ve Lived The Life’ – hear that one below. An image of Whitney, who passed away last year, has also been used as the record’s cover art.

Eccentric Soul: The Forte Label will be released as a CD and a double LP on 28 August. [via Exclaim]

Listen to Marva Whitney’s 1975 single ‘I’ve Lived The Life’:

Tracklist (note the LP version includes extra material):

01 Gene Williams – Don’t Let Your Love Fade Away
02 Lee Harris – I Am Gonna Get Your Thing
03 Tear Drops – I’m Gonna Get You
04 Louis Chachere – The Hen Part 1
05 The Fantasticks – Cry Night and Day V2
06 Marva W Taylor – I’ve Lived The Life
07 Fabulous Rhythm Makers – Mini Mini Afro Twist
08 Tony Ashley – I’ll Never Be Satisfied
09 The Rayons – You Confuse Me Baby
10 Four Darlings – Baby Your Love Is Amazing
11 Lee Harris – Lookin’ Good Part1 Combine w/ part 2
12 Lee Harris – Lookin’ Good Part 2
13 Marva Whitney – Daddy Don’t Know About Sugar Bear
14 Gene Williams – Whatever You Do Do It Good V2
15 Everyday People – Is It Really That Bad
16 The Rayons – Baby Be Good
17 Tony Ashley – All Along I’ve Loved You
18 Lee Harris – I’ve Got To Have Somebody’s Love
19 Everyday People – Super Black
20 James Whitney – With Fun In My Life
21 Sharon Revoal – Reaching For Our Star
22 Marva W Taylor – Nothing I’d Rather Be
23 The Four Darlings – Give Me Love *
24 Unknown Artist – Dearest Lover *
25 The Fantasticks – Live and Let Live *
26 Fabulous Rhythm Makers – You Gotta Be Doing It *
27 Lee Harris – Skate Boogaloo and Karate Too *
28 Tear Drops – Don’t Fade Away *
29 Marva Whitney & Ellis – Gripey
30 Taylor – We Need More *

* LP only



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