TLC preps greatest hits album, writing songs with Lady Gaga, Ne-Yo

The new songs will appear on the group’s greatest hits album, which might feature Drake and J. Cole.

Word of TLC’s reformation came earlier this year, and now more details have trickled out. The group has re-signed with L.A. Reid – the man who first signed them in 1991 — at Epic Records/LaFace, and plans to release a compilation on October 15 that will feature their greatest hits along with new material.

“We took a lot of the old songs and remastered them,” says longtime producer Dallas Austin. “We mixed them just to tweak them, make them better.” As for new songs, ‘Meant To Be’ (written by Ne-yo) and ‘Posh Life’ (written by Lady Gaga and Austin) will be included; the group plans on collaborating with Drake and J. Cole, as well.

Coinciding with the album release will be the VH1 premiere of CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story, a biopic starring Keke Palmer (as Chili), Drew Sidora (as T-Boz) and ‘Lip Gloss’ rapper Lil Mama (as Left Eye). The three actresses share such uncanny resemblances to the women they’re portraying that the real-life Chili and T-Boz have recruited Lil Mama to perform with the group at Saturday’s Mixtape Festival in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

However, Lil Mama is not the new L in TLC: while T-Boz says they have “toyed around with some ideas” for future appearances and collaborations with the rapper, “no one will ever be a member in this group. Ever.” Watch the trailer for the biopic below. [via THR / CoS]



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