Ex-MTV VJ Kennedy: worst interviewer ever?

iHeartRadio’s Kennedy sat down with Major Lazer at Lollapalooza, describing the collective as “Diplo … and the other two people who make up Major Lazer”… and things only got worse from there. The “other two people” would be Jillionaire and Walshy Fire, if you’re following along at home.

Kennedy seems to be aiming for sarcastic but she comes across as insulting, and the Major Lazer guys are not into it. The ex-VJ brings up Diplo’s six-digit Dubai gigs, does the type of DJ impression your parents would do, and gives one of the worst pronunciations of “moombahton” ever. At one point, Diplo and Walshy interview each other.

Watch the entire trainwreck below. Money quote: “Who is the most annoying person you’ve worked with in the past two years?” “Probably you.”



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