British actor Danny Dyer might spend most of his spare time arguing with children on Twitter, but he also likes to kick back by DJing at spots like Northants’ Rockafellas Corby.

Now, granted, if you’ve only watched the above video (and we strongly suggest that you do) then you probably think that Dyer’s DJ sets consist of little more than him resting his twitching jaw on the booth while shouting “six bells” in a pair of headphones that make Pauly D’s laptop look reserved, but you’d be wrong. There’s also a live bongo player. Why is there always a live bongo player?

Point Blank Music School recently had Dyer in to give tips to aspiring DJs. These include: learning on vinyl (cwab scratching, innit), why you shouldn’t be nasty or rude to hecklers (and definitely don’t shoot them), and how to find a balance between real DJing and The Only Way is Essex. 

You can watch the video below – keep it locked for Danny’s FACT mix dropping next week.

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