Manchester's Hoya:Hoya label returns with releases from Blue Daisy and Altered Natives

Anyone who’s ever attened a Hoya:Hoya event in Manchester will attest to a simple fact: it’s one of the best parties in the country. 

Since their humble beginnings over five years ago the club night have expanded the founding roster of Illum Sphere and Jonny Dub to a world-class resident line up that includes Krystal Klear, Chunky, Eclair Fifi, Jon K and Lone alongside visual powerhouse EMN. A few years back they also launched their own eponymous label, kicking things off with a split Lone, Krystal Klear and Illum Sphere 12″, followed by releases from the likes of Eliphino, Ras G, Lorn, Om Unit, Monky, Ikonika and Tadd Mullinix’s JTC alias.

Following some relative quiet on the label front Hoya:Hoya is set to return with a double release from a pair of London agitators: Blue Daisy and Altered Natives.

HOYA005 is titled An Emperor’s Tale and sees Blue Daisy in more introspective moods with six tracks inspired by a story, which the label describes as follows:

“This is the story of an emperor who fell prey to the idle hands of evil doers. The journey through pain and tragedy that a great man incurs in life. The emperor’s late wife bore one child, a boy, the emperor’s only son, the next to fulfil the emperor’s position once deceased. But, this fulfilment was not destined to be accomplished for on a day that bore the characteristics of grey clouds and stormy waves the emperor’s life was to drastically take a step further into the tragic paths of death. Six parts of the story, made in six hours.

Meanwhile HOYA006 is a three-track 12″ from Altered Natives titled The Beastly gHAstly. It came about in typical Hoya fashion as label boss Illum Sphere recounts: “Danny opened his set at Hoya with ‘The Beastly gHAstly’, cue all the Hoya residents asking, ‘What the f**k is this?’ and then snapping it up when he said it wasn’t signed.”

005 is released on September 7 on cassette, 006 meanwhile is out September 9 on 12″ and both will be out digitally from September 16. For more Hoya fixes while you wait don’t forget to check Jon K’s mind bending FACT mix from earlier this year.

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