Shit and Shine are scabrous, noisy and scruffy – but their new EP for Powell‘s Diagonal imprint  is on a different tip entirely. 

Diagonal has a season of fascinating releases ahead of it: a fresh 10″ from noiseniks Prostitutes; a micro-album from artist/experimental electronics veteran/hellraiser Russell Haswell; and, in a big coup for the fledgling imprint, a collection of long-lost material from essential NY industrial/electro collective Death Comet Crew.

First up, though, is a fresh release from Craig Clouse’s unpredictable Shit and Shine ensemble. The project, previously pushed by Black Country imprint Riot Season, typically specialises in muscular skronk-rock, overlaid with snarling electronics and needling frequencies. Clouse’s more recent work shares some DNA with fellow noise-to-techno refugees like Pete Swanson or Container, squidging conventional rhythmic forms (electro, house) through a big noisy wringer.

The new EP for Diagonal marks something of a volte-face – besotted with classic disco, it’s easily Clouse’s most dancefloor-focused release to date, and a stark contrast to last year’s walloping Jream Baby Jream. ‘Blowhannon”s and ‘Shower Curtains” disembodied disco falls somewhere in between Dalhous’ quirky dub abstractions and Ital’s scruffy house music; the pranging ‘Value’, meanwhile, is barbed-wire electro with a sting. A bleached-out take on Theo Parrish’s ‘Synthetic Flemm’ rounds out the set.

Update: Unfortunately we’ve had to take down the final track for now due to its unauthorised use of samples.

The EP is due on September 30 on 12″ and digital formats. Click below to stream the EP in its entirety. Alternatively, head here to check Powell’s glowering FACT mix from a few months back.



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