Jack White‘s Third Man imprint might not have been around for very long, but already they’ve managed to rack up a canon that many long-running labels would envy.

The recent Sun Records 7″ series highlighted White’s interest in re-issuing classic near-forgotten relics of the past, and this latest set might be the label’s most ambitious project to date, even inching past the lavishly packaged soundtrack to The Great Gatsby.

Entitled The Rise and Fall of Paramount Records 1917-1932, the set will predictably come in two installments, but the packaging almost makes up for the fact that you’re basically paying twice. The first part comes housed in what the label are calling a “hand-crafted cabinet of wonder,” and from seeing the contents we can hardly disagree. On top of six (!) LPs covering the first ten years of the set, there’s a hardback book, a softback book, and a host of digital material – 800 remastered tracks and a special app (all housed on a USB stick, of course).

Pieced together by Paramount expert Alex van der Tuuk along with Third Man, the collection will be released on October 29 with the second part appearing in November. [via Exclaim]



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