DJ Premier says his collaborative album with Nas is "coming"

Premo talks up an oft-promised album from the long-time collaborators.

DJ Premier has worked with Nas since Illmatic, memorably crafting the classic ‘N.Y. State of Mind’, and since at least 2011, he’s been beating the drum for a full-length collaboration between the two hip-hop legends. In an interview at the A3C Hip-Hop Festival, the producer shared an update about the project.

“I just saw [Nas] last week. It’s coming,” he says. “He has another project to drop with Def Jam, and then he’s a free agent. I’ll let him get that out, and that will give me time to get my artists prepped and ready. Maybe we can all tour together.”

Considering that Nas just released Life Is Good last summer, and how long Premo has been talking up this project, we’re not holding our collective breaths. Watch the full interview below, via Complex.

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