James Blake may be releasing a cover / remix / alternate version of Drake 'Come Thru'

James Blake may be releasing an alternative version / remix / cover of ‘Come Thru’, from Drake‘s Nothing Was The Same.

It was confirmed in the lead-up to Nothing Was The Same‘s release that Blake was involved in the recording of the album, but there’s little sign of the London-based singer and producer on the version of the album that hit stores. This isn’t unusual in itself – The Weeknd, for instance, was involved in the sessions for Kanye West’s Yeezus but didn’t make the final cut – but if a cryptic(-ish) post on Blake’s Facebook is anything to go by, a version of ‘Come Thru’ that does involve him may be made public in the future.

Then again, it may not (Update: Blake’s UK press team have now posted the same message, so we suspect it will happen). In the meantime, here’s the original:



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