So, no Mercury for Bowie – but life, it appears, goes on. 

Next week, David Bowie releases The Next Day Extra – a 3xCD collectors version of his 24th studio album, boasting five previously unheard tracks from the album sessions. Unheard no more, that is: four tracks from the set – ‘Atomica’, ‘The Informer’, ‘Like A Rocket Man’ and ‘Born In A UFO’ – have now been posted online. Scroll down to stream the offcuts.

Also included on the set is a remix of ‘Love Is Lost’ from James Murphy. Adding to the pre-release fanfare, Bowie has now released an eerie video for the track. The clip was supposedly filmed on home video camera and edited in Bowie’s Manhattan office, resulting in a total production cost of $12.99 – the price of the USB used to upload the footage (pedants note: we’re not sure who bankrolled all those puppets, then). Bowie was apparently struck with the idea last week, and has been working hell for leather to turn the video around in time for Monday morning. Again, cast your eyes below to watch (reminds us a bit of this one, incidentally).

Head here to read our rundown of James Murphy’s deep cuts – 10 lesser-heard joints from across his long career.



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