Metronomy to reveal new single 'I'm Aquarius' through stargazing app

Comeback single revealed in The Night Sky.

After posting a tantalising loop of music on their website, British pop act Metronomy will unveil their new single next week through a stargazing app.

‘I’m Aquarius’ will be available to listen to from 7pm on Monday, November 11, through The Night Sky app, which can be downloaded from iOS or Android app store for 99p. The app itself is an astronomical guide that lets you hold your phone up to the sky to find out what constellations are above you.

To hear the song, users need to get the latest update (available that day) and then scan the night sky looking for the Aquarius constellation. Clicking on the constellation will cue up the song, which will be available on the app for one week.

‘I’m Aquarius’ marks the first material from Metronomy, the brainchild of singer, producer and musician Joseph Mount, since 2011’s excellent The English Riviera, which spawned a clutch of hits including ‘The Look’ and ‘Everything Goes My Way’. Last year Mount went On Record for FACT to vouch for Outkast’s Speakerboxx/The Love Below, an album that “changed everything”.

Watch the ever-charming video for ‘The Look’, surprisingly filmed in Torbay, Devon:



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