Kanye West and Mogwai come together on noirish mash-up by The Hood Internet

Hip-hop overlord meets unassuming Scotsmen on surprisingly great mash-up.

Okay, so sticking an a cappella vocal onto an instrumental piece hardly qualifies as a mash-up in the lineage of ‘Smells Like Bootylicious’ and other, er, masterpieces, but The Hood Internet are mash-up peddlers first and foremost, so that’s what we’ll call this oddity.

‘Tu Ne Peux Rien Me Dire’ blends the vocals from Kanye West’s ‘Can’t Tell Me Nothing’ (from 2007’s Graduation) with an alternative version of ‘The Huts’, a piece from Mogwai’s soundtrack for the Twin Peaks-esque French TV show Les Revenants. And whaddyaknow, it totally works, turning the bombast of Kanye’s cut into a strangely noirish and reflective piece.

Kanye is currently giving his Yeezus tour a jumpstart after postponing a string of dates earlier this month, while Mogwai recently unveiled ‘Remurdered’, the first track from their forthcoming album Rave Tapes. The Hood Internet recently their mixtape Trillwave 3. [via CoS]

Listen and download below:



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