Stream Murlo's latest EP of instrumental grime, forthcoming via Glacial Sounds

The London-based producer continues to explore instrumental grime on his latest EP.

Murlo has been on a tear this year, releasing the Adder EP via Unknown to the Unknown, teaming with Famous Eno for the aquatic ‘Ariel’, and generally continuing to push his soca-laced beats towards instrumental grime.

Next up is an EP for Glacial Sound, the new Irish label that launched with Rabit’s superb Double Dragon EP. Murlo’s Last Dance EP joins the arpeggio-heavy title track with sino-grime pair ‘Velvet Wall’ and ‘Robes’, along with remixes by Slackk and Swing Ting (the later of which moves in the bassline direction of Murlo’s DJ Sharda project).

Stream the EP below; it’s due out on November 25. To hear some of these tracks in action, check out his recent mix for Truants.



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