So this might not be strictly music related, but there’s little arguing over the fact that Blade Runner wouldn’t be half the film it is without its legendary Vangelis soundtrack – even Autechre agree.

There are already plenty of different versions of Ridley Scott’s influential sci-fi classic floating around, and now Swedish artist Anders Ramsell has contributed another to the canon. Dubbed the Aquarelle Edition, it has been made from 12,597 hand painted watercolours, and painstakingly animated over its relatively brief 35 minutes duration.

It’s a gorgeous and unique take on a set of visuals that has embedded itself in the universal consciousness, and assisted by Vangelis’ (whose remastered catalogue is about to be reissued) incredible score, Ramsell’s “paraphrasing” of Blade Runner is pretty much essential viewing. [via Kotaku]

You can watch the whole thing below, and take a look at our Beginner’s Guide… To Vangelis immediately afterwards.



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