Despite having just announced new full-length Chronicles of Possible Worlds, techno pioneer Jeff Mills is set to embark on a new creative venture this February.

Mills is the subject and star of Jaqueline Caux’s 45-minute film Man From Tomorrow, which is dubbed as an exploration of Mills’ music and conceptual ideas. The film aims to bend our expectations by exploring subject matter normally confined to stuffy documentaries in a “non-narrative” fashion using “unconventional” images, which is no doubt why it will be debuted at Paris’s famed gallery The Louvre on February 2.

If you’re not lucky enough to be able to make this screening, Man From Tomorrow will also be played in Harlem’s Studio Museum with accompanying talks from Mills and Caux on February 12, and also in Berlin on February 19, also with the star and director in attendance. [via Resident Advisor]




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