Last year, Canadian four-piece Azari & III split up.

As FACT’s Niall Connolly documented, the group went out with a bang, but it’s not taken two of their core members long to get back on the wagon. Starving Yet Full – now simply called SYF – and Fritz Helder have teamed up with Australian production team Yolanda Be Cool for a cover of Ace of Base’s ‘All That She Wants’.

Released today on Dim Mak, we’re premiering the video for ‘All That She Wants’ – which, as we found out, Fritz and SYF were given carte blanche to approach however they wanted. You can watch it above, and read our interview with Fritz and SYF below.

The single’s available to buy here, with remixes from Human Life and Walker & Royce, with a further remix package to follow on Feb 18. And for a throwback – why not check out Azari & III’s FACT mix from 2012?

print_allthatshewants_squarecolorFritz Helder:
SYF and I were contacted by the good folks at Dim Mak. At the time we were still with Azari & III and were busy working away on an Azari album… but the idea of doing an Ace of Base cover was enough to peak our interest. We had not been in communication prio to Azari split, but we were aware of each other

The first project since Azari split is a big deal for a lot of people, do you see this as a totally separated thing, or a continuation of the work you did with Azari?

Fritz Helder: Since the split came so suddenly it’s not really like we planned this to be our first project post-Azari & III. We recorded the vocals in Canada and they handled the production in Australia. I guess that’s the major difference to Azar i& III. Also, the Yolanda boys came to us with a completely different demo at first… after we sent the vocals they flipped it on us, with great results! With Azari & III, we were usually part of the production process, even if that meant sitting on the couch smoking joints all night.

SYF: Like Fritz mentioned, this wasn’t something we planned.”

Tell us about the video.

Fritz Helder: The video was made in Toronto. Initially, we tried to get all of us in one room, but it didn’t work out. We all agreed we needed a visual for the track, so we elicited the help of some talented friends here in Toronto – Chris Muir, Aaron A, Sonia Grey, Stuart Campbell, Sam Chang-Garder – to bring it all together. The boys had said that they just wanted me and SYF to “be ourselves” and basically gave us carte blanche…

Are there more of these collaborations in the pipeline?

Fritz Helder: Yes! plenty of great collabs and our own project VER5US – pronounced versus – are in development. It’s all very fresh so we are just working away stacking up tracks and getting things just right. As much as its sad to leave Azari & III behind, it’s been great to have the support from artists who we both respect and love… 2014 is gonna be explosive!

SYF: Yeah, there are a ton more collabs on the go, it’s still in the incubating process but we’re excited to bring forth the fruition of this project… it’s been wonderful and we still have a lot of support behind us.



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