Hear Heatsick's wonky tropical remix of Weird World psych dreamer Jaakko Eino Kalevi

Steven Warwick pours his elastic goo on the Finnish newcomer.

PAN’s resident Casio geek Heatsick has delivered a wonky, sun-warmed remix of ‘Memories’, the opening track from last year’s Dreamzone EP by Helsinki psych-pop musician and part-time tram driver Jaakko Eino Kalevi. On his ‘Continential Drift Remix’, producer Steven Warwick chops the original into a lurching, percussion-heavy jam with help from his trademark cheapo keyboard set-up.

The forthcoming remix EP also includes a version of Kalevi’s psychedelic single ‘When You Walk Through Them All’ by fellow Weird World signings Peaking Lights, plus two versions of ‘No End’ by disco digger Tom Noble and Finland synth act Vezurro.

Kalevi will follow up Dreamzone with an EP on Beats in Space in the spring, followed this summer by his first album for Weird World.

At the end of last year FACT’s Maya Kalev caught up with Heatsick to discuss Re-Engineering and making “elastic goo house” music for Chris Morris fans. That guy.

Dreamzone Remixes is out on Weird World on February 17.

Hear ‘Memories (Heatsick’s Continental Drift Mix)’:



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