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Forgotten Classics: Morane’s ‘Let Me Out (No, There’s Nobody In The Cellar Mix)’

Forgotten Classics: Morane's 'Let Me Out (No, There's Nobody In The Cellar Mix)'

Forgotten Classics is a new weekly feature where we ask FACT contributors and noted diggers from across the spectrum to pick an obscure gem that they think has been unfairly brushed under the carpet and explain why it’s worthy of re-appraisal. This week:

Let Me Out (No, There’s Nobody In The Cellar Mix)
(Perlon, 12″, 2004)

Picked by: Visionquest founder and globe-trotting DJ Seth Troxler

seth_troxlerFCLASSICIt’s a classic for me, though I don’t know if it’s a classic for anyone else. It’s a forgotten record on a very classic label, and it’s Perlon 044, by Morane.

I remember getting this record when I was at college, and this movie had come out – this Spanish film, kind of an art-house movie – and there’s this little boy locked away in this barn, this shed or something. But then a week later this record came out, and it’s this crazy, orchestral, insane record, and it’s probably one of the lowest-selling records ever on Perlon.

This was like a weird pop phase for the label, but this tune really went under the mark – no one really knows it when I talk about it. It starts off really experimental – it starts with this squeaking loud noise and distortion, and then this really soft, naive German boy… ‘let me out, let me out, won’t you please, let me out…’. It just builds and builds and builds. It’s a great tune!”



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