Rome Fortune‘s 2013 mixtape Beautiful Pimp was one of FACT’s favorite albums of last year, and now we’re treated to its vivid sequel.

Eschewing the rap trend to grab as many hot producers as is humanly possible and cram 20+ tracks into each zip file, Beautiful Pimp 2 has a single producer (CitoOnTheBeat, who was responsible for a single cut on the tape’s predecessor) and clocks in at a shockingly economical 30 mins in length.

It’s obvious that Rome is eager not to be dumped into the same box as his Atlanta cohorts, and if Beautiful Pimp 2 is proof of anything, it’s that the rapper is ready to take his sound into places others simply aren’t willing to go. It’s widescreen, woozy and assertive, and you can download it here.

If the syrupy mix of silky vocals and confident Southern raps remind you of Outkast, it’s no accident. Rome wrote for FACT about his favorite record – Andre 3000’s The Love Below – and you can check it out here.



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