Following up last years ‘Pain’, Visionist teases new EP I’m Fine II with ‘More Pain’.

Louis Carnell has been going from strength to strength in the last 12 months, whether producing or simply heading up the awesome Lost Codes imprint. Now he’s set to return with a brand new EP which should highlight his genre-bending hybridized grime.

I’m Fine II is due in April on Lit City Trax, and first track ‘More Pain’ follows on from last year’s ‘Pain’ with skeletal, neck-snapping beats, woozy vocal chops and the faintest traces of rap, r&b and grime. [via Dazed]

If this doesn’t quite slake your appetite for shadowy nu-grime instrumentals and on-point rap sounds, Carnell dropped a FACT mix last September which should help satisfy your hunger, and you can stream or download it here.



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