Dām-Funk unearths cassette recording from 1988 – hear 'Love Is Above'

Dusty vintage funk from the beatific producer.

West Coast boogie master Dām-Funk has been digging through his archives lately, and look what he’s found – a throwback jam recorded in his bedroom in Pasadena way back in 1988, while he was still at school.

A lo-fi groove that draws equally from funk titans Prince and Zapp, the crooning ‘Love Is Above’ comes from “a time of innocence & nothing but a dream, a drum machine, some synthesizers & 2 tape decks,” as he explains on Soundcloud.

Recently the producer teamed up Snoop Dogg (aka Snoopzilla) for their genius 7 Days Of Funk album collaboration – watch their retro video for ‘Faden Away’.

Hear ‘Love Is Above’:



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