Pinch's Cold Recordings announces digital compilation

The formerly vinyl-only imprint goes digital.

When Tectonic boss Pinch launched Cold Recordings last year, the label planned to focus on “new movements in the ever evolving UK hardcore-continuum — taking inspirational vibrations from a long standing heritage that ran through acid house, hardcore, jungle, UK garage, dubstep and beyond.”

Since then, the vinyl-only label has been true to its word with releases by Elmono, Batu and Ipman. However, for the non-vinyl users in mind, Cold Recordings will release a digital compilation featuring tracks from the label’s releases, including alternate versions and unreleased tracks — two from Pinch himself.

The compilation is entitled CO.LD and is due out on April 11. The tracklist and cover art are below, along with Pinch’s label mix from last year.

1. Acre – Burning Memories
2. Ipman – Hellzapoppin’
3. Batu – Stairwells
4. Pinch – Down
5. Ipman – Ventricle
6. Elmono – Baton Rouge (Colder Mix)
7. Elmono – House Of Atreides
8. Acre – Trace Loops
9. Pinch – Search Party
10. Batu – Eraser
11. Acre – Northern Shadow
12. Elmono – Shadows On The Moon



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