SFV Acid Amber's Songs Front Cover

SFV Acid is back – and he’s lovelorn.

Those with a nose for throwback acid techno will already have snouted out Zane Reynolds’ work as SFV Acid. Following releases for UNO NYC and 100% Silk, last year brought us his debut LP, The Dwell – a collection of sun-baked acid allegedly written in its entirety in a branch of Starbucks in the San Fernando Valley. And rather good it was too.

Regular champions UNO NYC have now announced a second SFV Acid full-length, titled Amber’s Songs. According to the label, the 10-track album was cobbled together in a week in the immediate aftermath of a breakup. We suspect tongues might be in cheek to some degree – the press release goes on to suggest that regular SFV Acid collaborator Suzanne Kraft is “currently dating the woman named after this record” – but, having heard fragments, what we can confirm for sure is that The Dwell enthusiasts are unlikely to be disappointed with the follow-up, with languid acid firmly back on the agenda.

Amber’s Songs will drop on April 25 through UNO NYC. Click below to stream a chirpy cut from the record, ‘Cheddar Merecedes’.

01. Fage Kisses
02. Cheddar Mercedes
03. Pink iPhone
04. Dirty Martini
05. Art & Drawings
06. Bejeweled iMac
07. Vanilla Musk
08. Video Journeys
09. Pillows
10. And No Stress



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