Trevor Jackson zooms in on vinyl for new print exhibition – download his soundtrack

Vinyl topography in microscopic detail.

Musician, DJ and art director Trevor Jackson has just opened an exhibition of prints exploring the hidden beauty of vinyl records.

Billed as “an exhibition about imperfections”, Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, Forever zooms in on records from Jackson’s personal collection to show the grooves on a microscopic scale and reveal the scratches, stains and smears inflicted over decades of use.

The large scale graphic prints are being shown together publicly for the first time at the 12Mail/Red Bull Space Gallery in Paris, France – watch a video teaser for the exhibition below.

Jackson has also created a 30-minute soundtrack for the show using tiny samples from the recordings on display (including Public Enemy, The Beach Boys, Fingers Inc and Jean Michel Jarre). The music was pieced together with “an EMU SP1200, eight channels direct to 1/4 tape, entirely manipulated with hardware effects live,” according to Jackson.

The soundtrack will be released as a limited edition vinyl single to coincide with the exhibition, but as a treat for FACT readers, we’re making one side of the record available as an exclusive free download from the Soundcloud below.

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, Forever runs until May 16 at 12Mail/Red Bull Space, 12 Rue du Mail, Paris.

Last year FACT TV paired Jackson with visual artist-turned-musician Dinos Chapman to tackle the big questions about music, art, life and everything.

Stream and download part of the soundtrack:

Watch a video teaser for the show:



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