Enjoy Dinos Chapman and Trevor Jackson tackling the week’s new music on the FACT Singles Club?

Here, the two artists tackle more serious topics such as the differences between music and visual art, the problems with live electronic music, the pros and cons of being a musician in 2013 and more.

Some background: Dinos Chapman is one of Britain’s most celebrated artists, with a Turner Prize nomination and various celebrated (not to mention controversial) works to his name, both solo and with his brother Jake. Most recently, he’s been working closely with The Vinyl Factory, who released last year’s debut album Luftbobler, and recently announced a new EP by Chapman titled LUV2H8Trevor Jackson has released music as Playgroup, Skull and more, and between 1996 and 2006 ran the Output label, releasing records by the likes of Four Tet, Fridge and LCD Soundsystem. Jackson contributes a remix to LUV2H8; the pair will also be performing together at Fabric this week.

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