Prostitutes arrive on Spectrum Spools with Petit Cochon LP

Cleveland’s James Donadio brings his noise-techno project to the Editions Mego-affiliated label.

Following an industrious 2013 with releases on Digitalis, Diagonal and Opal Tapes’ Mirror & Gate series, Prostitutes arrive on Spectrum Spools this spring with a new album, Petit Cochon.

The 10-track LP is succinctly described by the label as “a total burner, no exceptions”, which if you’re up to speed with Prostitutes’ prolific output suggests a continued exploration of Donadio’s “bone-dry techno” (as FACT’s approving reviewer previously noted).

Petit Cochon is out on May 12 – see tracklist below and artwork above.

The album follows the Truncheon Cadence EP duo released earlier this year on Mira, an offshoot of Shifted and Ventress’ Avian label. [via JunoPlus]


01 Powerful Magnets
02 The Bluffer’€™s Corporation
03 Tube Without Exit
04 Build Your Kits
05 Suck Out The Reason
06 A Number Between Their Eyes
07 Cylindrical Habitat
08 Stains Left Unnamed
09 Suffocate, Purhasing
10 Four Basic Forces



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