Glasgow post-rock survivors Mogwai have experienced something of a renaissance in recent years.

While other similar bands have fallen into total obscurity, Mogwai somehow have been able to ride out the lull and strike gold yet again. Last year’s soundtrack to acclaimed French zombie show Les Revenants catapulted the band back into the public eye, and according to an interview with Clash magazine, they’re all geared up to record new music for the show’s second season.

Not willing to rest on the unexpected chart success of recent full-length Rave Tapes the band also have a new EP in the works, which was “recorded at the same time” and should emerge “in autumn.” Most exciting for us though is the news that Mogwai’s stone-cold-classic second album Come On Die Young (affectionately referred to as CODY) is finally being repackaged and reissued, and will include a wealth of bonus material.

De-facto frontman Stuart Braithwaite confirmed “It’ll have 90 minutes of extras. We’d recorded a whole record before we went to America, at the time, and then scrapped it. So we’ve remixed those songs. We’re happy with it. It’s out in the summer, I think.”

The very idea of more material recorded in between Young Team and Come On Die Young has us weak at the knees – that’s something else to look forward to then.



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