As regular FACT readers know, we get a little hot under the collar for Italian horror soundtracks, and there are few more important than Fabio Frizzi‘s accompaniment to Lucio Fulci’s City of the Living Dead.

The movie itself appeared back in 1980, and still stands as one of the most peculiar zombie films ever captured on celluloid. Not only do Fulci’s zombies boast the power to teleport seemingly at will (naturally forgetting this when they’re being offed by the protagonists), but the entire film is obscured by Fulci’s eerie dream-like narrative, a facet only magnified by Fabio Frizzi’s seminal score.

The score has long been a favorite among horror aficionados, yet it’s been unavailable on vinyl since 1984, with original copies naturally becoming prized collectors items. It’s fallen to horror soundtrack outpost Death Waltz to snap it up for the reissue treatment, and they’ve repackaged the record with snazzy new artwork form Graham Humphreys (above) and a ten minute snippet of Frizzi’s rare live performance last year at London’s Union Chapel.

The soundtrack will be handled on CD via Italy’s Beat Records, and each track has been remastered with Frizzi himself overseeing the results. In addition to this, Bloody Disgusting have also revealed that a full live album from Frizzi is on the way, and that the ten minute snippet included on the City of the Living Dead reissues is only a taster of what’s to come. Phew.

FACT’s horror buff in residence John Twells compiled a list of 10 essential Fabio Frizzi cuts last year, and you can browse through the spooky selections here.


01 Introduzione
02 Fatti Misteriosi
03 Toward Dawn
04 Apoteosi Del Mistereo
05 Occhi Di Brace
06 Verso L’alba
07 IrrealtÖ di suoni
08 Paura Vivente
09 Paura E Liberazione
10 Toward Dawn
11 Suoni Dissonanti
12 Apoteosi Del Mistero
13 Embers Eyes
14 Tenebre Viventi
15 Dissonant Sounds
16 Toward Dawn
17 City Of The Living dead (live suite)



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