Barcelona duo share another cut from “third-but-still-feels-like-a-debut” album Silent Ascent.

With a decade of releases behind them, Downliners Sekt are somewhat veterans of the dance music scene and yet the pair have managed to remain elusive, letting the music speak for itself.

This year sees the release of Silent Ascent on French label InFiné, their third album, tenth release in as many years and first full length since 2008. The album follows from their EP trilogy in 2010 and 2011 which firmly put them on the map of many electronic and dance music fans.

The album further refines their unique approach, evading any easy categorisation while providing plenty of seemingly obvious yet blurred reference points. In February they shared the title track and today FACT premieres ‘Soul Débris’, a lenghty, hypnotic fractal vision of the ghosts of dance music. You can hear it below.

Silent Ascent is released April 7 on InFiné.

On the subject the album, the pair have said:

“We’re supposed to come up with something – the right words and formulas, the precise tags, genres, micro­genres, styles, scenes, etc. – that will give you a notion of what to expect from our music. But that would be a lot of silly noise, really. ‘Silent Ascent’ is our third album. Our tenth release in ten years. Ten releases… and it still feels like we’re starting from scratch. It’s always been this way. Yet we approach every project as if it was our last chance, as if we were doomed, finished, lost and done for.

We are obsessive people to say the least, and obsession is not easily shared – nor is it often appreciated. Creating music has always been vital for us. We craft, arrange and sculpt it endlessly until we’re satisfied. Expectations are always high, and the most challenging part is to keep it alive and genuine all the way.This album is us. It is driven by the maddening wait for the conditions to be this “right” and it embodies all the frustrations and hopes we felt while making it. We hope you like it.”



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