Swans unveil new <em>To Be Kind</em> track, 'Oxygen'

Following the unexpectedly slinky ‘A Little God In My Hands’, Michael Gira and friends continue their adventures in funk. 

‘Oxygen’ (which has been on their live setlist for some time) is the second track from Swans‘ forthcoming To Be Kind, and it’s similarly fleet-footed – elastic, fast-paced funk-rock with more than a hint of Massacre, and a hootin’-and-a-hollerin’ performance from Gira. Stick around: around four minutes in, the track starts to eat itself in spectacular fashion.

To Be Kind – which features guest spots from the likes of Little Annie and St. Vincent – will hit stores on May 13. As per The Seer, the album will run to over two hours.

[via The Quietus]



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