After months of stalling, Wu-Tang figurehead RZA has finally revealed that Raekwon will not be rejoining the Clan for 20th anniversary album A Better Tomorrow.

Back in November of 2013, RZA noted that while most of the Wu had been excited to be laying down bars for the celebratory album, Raekwon simply hadn’t been pulling his weight, saying “Raekwon hasn’t shown up at all.”

It appears that since that chat, nothing’s changed. RZA elaborated in a conversation with VladTV, saying “I haven’t had a chance to really talk to him about why not. All I see is the press going back and forth. But I would say that maybe creatively we on different paths. I’m creatively different than I was in the ‘90s.”

RZA is no doubt referencing some of the Wu’s indifference to the group’s previous album, the psychedelic (and polarizing) 8 Diagrams, but it’s not time to despair just just. Raekwon will indeed be appearing on the limited edition album Once Upon A Time In Shaolin, which while only being pressed up in a single unit, is set to be taken to museums and art galleries soon. [via NME]

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