‘Basic’ is a relative term, here.

One reason it took so long for footwork and juke to spread to dancefloors outside of Chicago is that your average dancer just hasn’t got a clue how to move his arms and legs to the sound’s breakneck pace, frantic syncopation and finely diced samples.

Even four years after the Bangs & Works compilation helped popularise the sound worldwide, DJs bold enough to drop Rashad, Spinn and Earl into their sets are still usually met with awkward neck-jerks and a thinning dancefloor. Surely we can do better!

Chicago footworkers King Charles and Pause Eddie reckon so, and they’ve broken down the basic (ha) steps for us in this handy video, giving a lengthy demonstration of each named move. If your dance skills don’t extend much further than the Macarena, you’re advised to consult your doctor first.

Watch the video above and put those shapes to use with FACT’s round-up of the best footwork mixtapes of the year so far. [via Beatport]



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