"There are far too many phones on the dance floor": Theo Parrish plans vinyl sale, dance workshop

The Detroit veteran aims to return the focus to dancing with a vinyl sidewalk sale, a workshop and a dance competition.

Theo Parrish and his Sound Signature label will hold the events on May 23 in conjunction with Detroit’s Universole dance competition.

“Everyone knows there are far too many phones on the dance floor, and far too many solitary fist pumpers,” says Parrish in a statement. “The association is a reminder that the DJ, the song, and the people need to move as one at the dance.”

Universole will include a workshop, a dance contest and a party that features Marcellus Pittman. The sidewalk sale will include Parrish’s new Footwork EP along with “lots of other available titles, and some Detroit-only items as well as special merchandise.” [via RA]

Recently, Parrish spoke out about selfies and Soundcloud, among other topics. Similarly, FACT’s Laurent Fintoni assessed the Unsound Festival’s photography ban.



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