The sibling labels document how a 1997 cult favorite found new life over a decade later.

Last month, Night Slugs and Fade to Mind detailed the long-planned re-release of Dat Oven’s cult single ‘Icy Lake’. The release is also the jumping-off point for a short documentary of the same name that explores “connections between 90s tribal house, vogue culture, and the NYC underground past and present.”

Icy Lake was directed by jack-of-all-trades Wills Glasspiegel, who co-wrote the documentary with L-Vis 1990, and it features L-Vis 1990, Bok Bok, Kingdom, Total Freedom, MikeQ and ballroom performers Kevin Aviance and Anthony Aviance, plus the man behind that now-iconic answering machine message.

The film premiered last night — watch it above or get down early to Night Slug’s 6th birthday at Oval Space on Friday 20th June to catch a screening.



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