A new 12″ from PAN is usually cause for glee around these parts, and this latest EP from US expat M.E.S.H. does not disappoint.

Entitled Scythians, it’s the Berlin-based Janus party resident’s debut for the label, and follows an acclaimed run of 12″s on the Dyssembler and Black Ocean imprints. Shackled to PAN’s diverse catalogue, it sounds as if M.E.S.H. has stumbled across the perfect home, and across five tracks he manages to successfully absorb fragments of Berlin techno, British electronica and the kind of low-end rumble you would usually expect to find emanating from a London bedsit.

With sound design cribbed from Autechre and tempos that would make DJ Screw proud, it’s a diverse and constantly beguiling set of tracks, and follows on from PAN’s recent Beneath 12″ perfectly. You can hear two of the tracks – ‘Scythians’ and ‘Imperial Sewers’ below.

Scythians EP will drop on June 6 on 12″ and digital via PAN.


01 Scythians
02 Interdictor
03 Captivated
04 Imperial Sewers
05 Glassel Finisher



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