PAN announce new EPs from Beneath, Bass Clef and Black Sites

Bill Kouligas’ ever-venturesome PAN imprint have announced their next few months of activity. 

The last twelve months have seen PAN put out full-lengths that ranged from the visceral (Rashad Becker’s debut album, Helm’s various releases) to the head-scratching (Heatsick’s Re-Engineering), but the quality bar was, as ever, a good half foot higher than most. They’ve pulled together an interesting grab-bag of artists for 2014’s first quarter, including some old favourites making their label debut.

Following releases on Keysound, Tectonic and his own No Symbols imprint, Beneath will put out his first release on the label. The Beneath EP, due in March, will feature four new tracks from the shadowy producer. No audio samples as yet, but we’re anticipating more knuckleduster funky and rickety club music.

Joining him on the release schedule is Bass Clef, last heard turning out a pair of excellent Bandcamp EPs which ranked among our most underrated releases of 2013. His Raven Yr Own Worl EP looks like it won’t be so far removed from the Acid Tracts release, with lead track ‘Self-Perpetuating Fun Loop’ offering coiling acid house with some typically scuzzy touches. The EP is due on February 17.

Also on the roster are Black Sites, the auspicious union of Golden Pudel residents Helena Hauff and f#x. Their 2013 PAN EP Protoypes pulled precisely zero punches, offering hard techno covered with a shoegazy film; a new two-track EP, Unit 2669, will see the light of day in April.

Other new releases include a five-track EP from unknown quantity M.E.S.H, and a full solo album, Miseri Lares, from Italian sonic manipulator Valerio Tricoli, last heard collaborating with Kouligas himself on the Cassette collection. Miseri Lanes îs due on February 24.


Bass Clef – Raven Yr Own Worl 
A1. Self-Perpetuating Fun Loop
A2. Fluorescent City Shining City
B1. Euphoric Nihilism
B2. Adventures Unventured, Tenderness Untendered

Valerio Tricoli – Miseri Lares 
A1. La Distanza
A2. Hic Labor Ille Domus Et Inextricabilis Error
B1. Error
B2. In The Eye Lf The Cyclone
C1. Das Schräg Haus
C2. Le Qoheleth ✚
D1.. Miseri Lares
D2. In Your Ruins Is My Shelter

Beneath – Beneath EP 
A1. Bored 2
A2. Occupy
B1. One Blings
B2. Stress 1

Black Sites – Unit 2669 EP 
A. Unit 2669
B. Москва



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