Photo by: Kaylah Mariah

Ever-gloomy rapper Haleek Maul returns with 'Brainscan', produced by The-Drum

The teenaged rap prodigy is as anxious as ever.

Since debuting in 2012 with Oxyconteen and Chrome Lips, new tracks have been few and far between from Brooklyn-based rapper Haleek Maul.

‘Brainscan’ is Maul’s first release since last summer’s haunting ‘Lobo’ (produced by like-minded collaborator Forest Swords), and it sees Maul reuniting with The-Drum, who lay down a typically hazy beat here.

For his part, Maul’s lyrics are marked by an anxious mix of resignation and urgency (“too far from hopeless to feel this hopeless, it’s pain to me”), while newcomer Jacques nails the mood on the hook: “I wonder what they really wishing for me / they want to see me fall out of the sky… And through the times stay stressing in my mind, but fuck it, Imma ride.”



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