FACT mix 441: J Tijn

Strap in – J Tjin is in the hot seat for a midweek FACT mix, and he’s already ripped one of its fucking legs off.

There’s no shortage of LOUDERHARDERFASTER techno around right now, but it’s the artists doing it with finesse – we’ve already seen FACT mixes this year from Perc and Happa, to name two – that really stand out. Since debuting in 2013, J Tijn has become a core artist on Untold’s Pennyroyal label, echoing Untold’s call for “fearless rave music” with a series of screaming 12″s, while also lending his name to singles on West Norwood Cassette Library and Power Vacuum’s Vectors comp.

True to type, J Tijn’s FACT mix is what’s commonly – or in Joe Muggs’ words at least – known as an eye-bleeding techno ripper, featuring dancefloor demolition jobs from Regis, Surgeon, Eomac and more. Hands in the air, chair legs out the window and blood on the ceiling – that’s how we like it.


m.ezm.yR – The Mezmyr Rise
Eomac – Chob
Paul Birken – Acid Youth Of Malibu (Blawan remix)
Pris – Echoes of the Tundra
Huren – Metal Hurland
Regis – ???
JB3 – Presence
??? – ??? (joeFarr Remix)
Umek – ???
CTRLS – Sweep
Silkie – Untitled
A Vision of Love – ???
J. Tijn – Wu-Tang Is for the Children
Omen’s Jot – ???
Rupcy – Utow
Mark Hawkins – Nicotinell
Mike Dearborn – Birds On E
Qoso – ???
??? – Experiment 002
J. Tijn – Yearn
J. Tijn – MOR
Surgeon – Klonk 4
Huren – Bertolt

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