TR-808 meets Rubik's Cube in new app — play it inside

Two icons of the 1980s come together in a new Google Chrome app.

The Chrome Cube Lab pairs Google technology with a virtual Rubik’s Cube, allowing developer’s to make their own 3D cube apps — and their latest is the best one yet.

The 808 Cube does exactly what it says on the tin, mapping Roland TR-808 sounds to the surfaces of the Rubik’s cube (and opening it to the Rubik’s 43,252,003,274,489,856,000 combinations).

“This experiment is a mash up of cultural icons popular in the 1980s, a spin on drum machine step sequencing, and a repurposing of the Rubik’s cube for rhythm exploration,” according to the site. Users can use the 808 Cube like a sequencer, “solving” the cube to introduce randomization into the sequence.

Check it out at 808 Cube and prepare to waste the rest of your day. For more on the legendary 808, read FACT’s rundown of everything you ever wanted to know but were afraid to ask.

Update: 808 Cube developer Ray McClure writes (in the comments): “There are a couple Easter eggs in the 808 Cube that I’ll release over the next few days.” First up – Drag and Drop One-Shot Samples:



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