Download Kozee's r'n'g remix of SWV's 'You're The One'

The Baltimore-based producer flips an R&B throwback.

Kozee has released music on Moveltraxx, Slit Jockey, Top Billin and more from across the continuum, and her latest — a remix of SWV’s 1995 hit ‘You’re The One’ — is in a style that is currently back-in-vogue: rhythm and grime, or r’n’g.

The remix was a labor of love, and has a touch of her adopted Baltimore home, as well. “I Love SWV and 90s R&B, that, combined with my love of grime and Baltimore club music led to this weird but catchy tune,” she writes. “People seem to like it, so I’m stoked on that.”

Download the remix (and revisit the original) below. For more r’n’g, FACT’s Tom Lea rand down some of r’n’g’s greatest moments, from Voice of Grime-era vocal collaborations to later mixtape cuts; from classic instrumentals to some recent takes on the sound.



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