Download DJ MoonDawg's <em>We Invented The Bop 2</em>, featuring new tracks by Sicko Mobb and more

A perfectly-timed dispatch from the vibrant Chicago scene.

In January, DJ MoonDawg collected a selection of the nascent bop scene’s best cuts on We Invented The Bop, featuring Sicko Mobb’s ‘Fiesta’ and Lil Kemo’s ‘Kemo Step’ and highlighting a sound that we were sure we’d be hearing more of.

While it’s been a quiet few months for bop, the return of summer has promised new material from the effervescent Windy Scity scene, and MoonDawg is back with a second volume of the mix series. Featuring new tracks by Sicko Mobb, Lil Chris, D Low, Mikey Dollaz and more, We Invented The Bop 2 is sure to get you moving with its infectious, hyperactive dance anthems. Stream/download it below.



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