How To Dress Well unveils second video in trilogy, 'Face Again'

Tom Krell lays on his healing hands.

How To Dress Well has shared the video for ‘Face Again’, the second part of a trilogy that comes ahead of his album What Is This Heart?

“The works taken together form a trilogy that is oriented around the question of how to live and die right,” Tom Krell explained to Dazed. “Two young people who are troubled by the question – one because his father is dying and the other who is a young hospice caregiver – decide to take an extreme risk on an authentic way of life. The remainder of the trilogy tracks the consequences of this effort.”

Watch the video below – but not before you’ve seen the first part of the trilogy, which focuses on a young couple caring for an elderly relative while navigating their own love story. The other song unveiled so far is ‘Words I Don’t Remember’.

What Is This Heart? is out on 24 June in the US and 23 June everywhere else through Weird World.





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