Remember that “lost” Caustic Window album?

Earlier this year, a Kickstarter campaign to release Aphex Twin‘s test pressing-only Caustic Window album raised a total of $67,424 from more than 4,000 backers. Predictably, it has now surfaced on Youtube, streaming above.

Listen carefully to the final track – ‘phone pranks’ – to hear cameos from Planet Mu boss Mike Paradinas and Robin Rimbaud, aka Scanner (who’s now worked out why Aphex sent him this fax). The other two voices are believed to be Mixmaster Morris and Cylob, according to an email received aeons ago by WATMM forum administrator Joyrex.

The album had reached the test-pressing phase in 1994, but was aborted as a full release; this release was pressed from one of five TPs (although an ex-Warp and Rephlex employee previously claimed there are more in existence).

If you still fancy getting your hands on the original copy, it’s on eBay now – bidding ends on June 23. Update: Bidding just passed the $10,000 mark (we’re not surprised).

For more Richard D. James, FACT ran down the 50 best Aphex Twin tracks of all time. There’s also his bizarre interview from 1994’s Britronica showcase.



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