Scuba continues EP series with Phenix 2

Scuba has unveiled the second in his ongoing EP series.

Phenix 2 is billed as being “entirely devoid of the euphoric hallmarks” of his 2012 album Personality with “no trace of vocals, feel-good chords or retro kicks”, and a spin through the track previews certainly bears that out.

Crepuscular opener ‘Aphids’ sets the tone for the deep and moody set, followed by the twisted grit of ‘Choke’ and the acid-fried ‘Solitary Confinement’. Closer ‘Distance’ is the darkest of all, belching out dissonant scrapes and jazzy keys.

Phenix 2 is out on June 30 via Scuba’s own label, Hotflush.

Check out Scuba’s FACT mix from 2012, featuring cuts from Joy Orbison, Machinedrum, Sigha and more.



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