Read Tupac's 1995 letter to Chuck D

Gangsta rap icon revealed to have scrupulously neat handwriting.

Public Enemy’s Chuck D has shared a personal letter he received from Tupac Shakur in 1995 thanking him for his support and asking him to collaborate on several projects.

“I’m sure you know how highly respected & loved U R by me,” he writes, adding: “Back in the dayz, on tour with U I learned so much from what U did and how U did it.”

As well as offering him a part in an unspecified movie (possibly Bullet, Gridlock’d or Gang Related, the three features Tupac posthumously starred in), Tupac asks Chuck to get involved in “a program I want to put together” and asks if he’ll guest on a track called ‘Da Struggle Continuez’, set for release on Euthanasia – the album that was later renamed All Eyez On Me.

Chuck posted the letter with the words, “Letter from PAC but you should’ve seen mine.” Read it in full below.

The Tupac musical, Holler If Ya Hear Me, has just opened on Broadway, while a long-awaited biopic is finally getting underway with music from Ashanti, among others.




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